Slavica Grujić


Slavica Grujić, Božana Odžaković

Faculty of Technology, University of Banja Luka, V. S. Stepanovića 73, 78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The negative impact and rising rates of overweight, obesity and other diet-related noncommunicable diseases, in all its forms, should be reduced. Food industry may improve quality of consumers’ nutrition through the development and promotion of food products with nutritive quality modified according to the recommendations for healthy nutrition. The aim of this paper was to draw attention to the important role of the food industry and small producers in improving the quality of consumers nutrition by offering sweet bakery products with controlled nutritive quality. The paper presents some of many opportunities for the development of such new products or as reformulation of recipe for existing products, which includes partial or complete replacement of white wheat flour, as basic ingredient, with wholegrain cereal products, cereals and other ingredients rich in bio-active substances, which contribute healthy nutrition. Reduction of products’ energy value and improvement of the overall nutritional quality can be achieved by choosing the recommended type and smaller quantities of fats and sugar, compared to the usual quantities. At the same time, product success depends on consumers’ preferences, so the appropriate acceptable technological and sensory quality must be provided, using knowledge and permitted production methods. Some bakery products, intended for healthy nutrition of vulnerable consumer’s groups are also presented. Selected examples for sweet bakery product development or reformulation with nutritional quality improvements, could be used as ideas for improvement the food quality on the market and enable consumers to enjoy in different new healthy products. The paper gives an example of used knowledge on healthy nutrition as a guide in activities on different food product development.

 Slavica Grujić

CV: Rođena 1963. u Banjoj Luci, Jugoslavija (BiH). Obrazovanje: 1985. Diplomirani inženjer tehnologije (BSc); 1998. Magistar tehničkih nauka iz oblasti prehrambene tehnologije; 2003. Doktor biotehničkih nauka iz oblasti prehrambenih tehnologija (Ph.D.), Tehnološki fakultet Univerziteta u Banjoj Luci (TF.UNIBL) Biotehnološko – prehrambeni odsjek. Radno iskustvo: 1985-1988. spoljni saradnik u Laboratoriji za analizu namirnica TF.UNIBL; 1988-2003. Vitaminka A.D. Banja Luka; od 2003. do danas zaposlena kao redovni profesor na TF.UNIBL. Od 2016. do danas Rukovodilac studijskog programa/ Šef katedre za prehrambene tehnologije i industrijske biotehnologije TF.UNIBL. Pedagoške aktivnosti: Od 2003. do danas – profesor na dodiplomskom i diplomskom studiju na TF.UNIBL, za oblasti Senzorne analize, Istraživanja sa potrošačima, Razvoj prehrambenih proizvoda, Propise o hrani, Deklarisanje, Prehrambene aditive,  Kontrolu kvaliteta i bezbjednosti hrane. Istraživačke aktivnosti: Učesnik je 17 internacionalnih i 9 nacionalnih naučnih i stručnih projekata; verifikovan je recenzent rukopisa radova i knjiga. Bibliografia: Objavila je 8 recenziranih univerzitetskih udžbenika; poglavlja u 8  internacionalnih naučnih monografija; više od 100 originalnih naučnih radova (20 u časopisima). Dodatne aktivnosti: Članstvo u EFFoST, Association of Technology Engineers of Republic of Srpska BiH, i u The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI).

Slavica Grujić

CV: Born 1963. in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia (BA). Education: 1985. Bachelor (BSc) of Technology; 1998. Master of technical sciences in the field of food technology; 2003. Scientific degree of Doctor of Biotechnical Science (Ph.D.) for Sci. field Food Technology, the University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Technology (TF.UNIBL) Food Technology and Biotechnology Department. Work experience: 1985-1988. External co-worker in Laboratory for Food Analysis TF.UNIBL; 1988-2003. Vitaminka A.D. Banja Luka; from 2003. to now employed as Full Professor at TF.UNIBL. From 2016. up to now is Head of Department for Food Technology and Industrial Biotechnology TF.UNIBL. Pedagogical activity: From 2003 up to now – professor on undergraduate and graduate studies at TF.UNIBL, including Sensory Analysis, Consumers Research, Food Product Development, Food Regulations, Labelling, Food Additives, Food Quality and Safety Control. Research activities: Participated in 17 international and 9 national scientific and professional projects; a verified reviewer of manuscript of papers and books. Bibliography: Published 8 reviewed university books; chapters in 8  international scientific monographs; over 100 original scientific papers (20 in journals). Other: Memberships of EFFoST, Association of Technology Engineers of Republic of Srpska (BA) and The Global Harmonization Initiative – GHI.