Simonné Sarkadi Livia – Livia Simon Sarkadi


Livia Simon Sarkadi

Institute of Food Science and Technology, Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Somlói út 14-16.,1118, Budapest, Hungary

The re-recognition of the important role of health-conscious nutrition has brought revolutionary changes in both food science and food production. A greater knowledge of the nutritional content of foods is needed to understand fully the food/health interactions, which could facilitate more efficient production of foods tailored to promotion of human health. Based on their essential role in the body, amino acids and their derivatives, biogenic amines, can be of great importance for food quality and nutrition. It is well known that 20 αL-amino acids are involved in the structure of proteins in genetically encoded form. The nutritional value of a protein depends on how well the essential amino acid composition merits the requirements of the human body. In addition to protein-building amino acids, free amino acids content and their changes during processing and storage play important role in food quality, and taste of food and may have beneficial effects on human health. Other components that influence food quality and health are biogenic amines. In food biogenic amines are mainly formed as a result of microbial decarboxylation of amino acids. Consumption of food containing high amounts of biogenic amines is responsible for many pseudo-allergic food related reactions and increased levels of biogenic amines in food are indicators of its microbiological quality. There are significant differences in the nutritional quality of the two major types of food, of plant and animal origin. However, the assessment must also take into account the new concept of sustainable food production and consumption. Research on amino acids and biogenic amines dates back decades, but remains an excellent area for research due to new perspectives and challenges.

Simonné Sarkadi Livia

CV: 1980- Okleveles Vegyészmérnök, Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem (BME); 1986 Dr.Techn. Biokémia, BME; 1991, Kémiai Tudományok Kandidátusa (CSc), Magyar Tudományos Akadémia (MTA); 1999 Dr. Habil., BME; 2010 MTA Doktora, Kémiai Tudományok (DSc). Munkahelyek/Oktatói tevékenység: BME Biokémiai és Élelmiszertechnológiai Tanszék/Alkalmazott Biokémiai és Élelmiszertudományi Tanszék (tanársegéd-egyetemi tanár, 1980-2012); Tanszékvezető egyetemi tanár Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem Élelmiszerkémiai és Táplálkozástudományi Tanszék (2012-2016)/Szent István Egyetem (SZIE 2016-2021)/Magyar Agrár- és Élettudományi Egyetem (MATE 2021-); Rektorhelyettes, SZIE (2018-2020); Élelmiszertudományi Doktori Iskolavezető SZIE/MATE (2019-). Kutatómunka: az aminosavak, biogén aminok és a fehérjék élelmiszerminőséggel és -biztonsággal való összefüggésének feltárása, valamint az abiotikus növényi stressz biokémiai vizsgálata. Tudománymetria: 388 tudományos cikk, idézettség 2360, H-index: 23. Egyebek: Elnök, Magyar Kémikusok Egyesülete (2011-); Elnök, MTA Élelmiszertudományi Tudományos Bizottság (2019-); Elnök, EuChemS Élelmiszerkémiai Divizió (2009-2014); Igazgatótanács tag, EuCheMS (2014-2021); Igazgatótanács tag, ECTN (2019-); Magyarország képviselője a GHI hálózatban. Megkapta az IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering Awards díjat.

Livia Simon Sarkadi

CV: 1980 Dipl.-Ing in Chemical Engineering, Budapest Technical University (BUTE); 1986 Dr.Techn. in Biochemistry, BUTE; 1991 Candidate of Chemical Sciences (CSc), Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS); 1999 Dr. Habil., BUTE; 2010 Doctor of Science (DSc) in Chemical Sciences, HAS. Working/pedagogical activity: Department of Biochemistry and Food Technology/Department of Applied Biochemistry and Food Science, BUTE (assistant professor-full professor, 1980-2012); Head of Department of Food Chemistry and Nutrition, Corvinus University of Budapest (2012-2016)/Szent István University (SZIE 2016-2021)/Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE 2021-); vice rector of SZIE (2018-2020); head of Doctoral School of Food Science, SZIE/MATE (2019-). Research area: food quality and food safety, with a particular emphasis on amino acids, biogenic amines and proteins, and the biochemical aspects of abiotic plant stress. Bibliography: 388 scientific articles, citations 2360, H-index: 23. Additionally: President of the Hungarian Chemical Society (2011-); Chair of the Food Science of HAS (2019-); Chair of the Food Chemistry Division of EuChemS (2009-2014), Member of the EuCheMS Executive Board (2014-2021); Member of Administrative Council of the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association (ECTN); Ambassador of Hungary in Global Harmonisation Initiative network (GHI). She received the IUPAC 2015 Distinguished Women in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering Awards.