Марина Соковић – Marina Soković


Marina Sokovic

Institute for Biological research “Sinisa Stankovic”, National Institute of Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Bulevard Stefana Despota 142, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia

Mushrooms are untapped resource of species with both nutritive and medicinal potential, undervalued and underexplored until recent history, but now they have been increasingly utilized in pharmaceutical and food industry, as well in medicine. With reevaluated concept of using food in prophylaxis of diseases and in medicine, contemporary research has been strongly focused on this area, leading to scientifically supported facts. Since nutritive, therapeutic, and finally curative properties of edible and medicinal mushrooms have been praised in both ethnomedicine and scientific/clinical research, these properties will be presented as to evaluate novel prospects and possible applications of edible and medicinal mushrooms.

Mushrooms have immense potential in food/pharmaceutical industries which they owe to the presence of various compounds, both nutritive and nonnutritive. Aside from having incredibly favorable macronutrient profile, they are important source of highly appreciated polysaccharides, lectins, terpenoids, peptides, proteins etc. These compounds are responsible for as many as 130 biological activities including antineurodegenerative, immunomodulatory, antihypercholesterol, antihyperglycemic potential which are most often highlighted. Furthermore, they have immense potential as prophylactic agents in diseases whose underlying cause is associated with oxidative stress (antioxidant potential), bacterial and fungal infections (antimicrobial potential) and tumor cell development (antitumor activity).

Research in the field of medical mycology is of great importance for fundamental science, pharmaceutical and food industry as well as in medicine, it contributes to new knowledge and creates insight into the underlying natural processes. Having in mind the accumulating knowledge on edible and/or medicinal mushrooms, it is believed that the life expectancy and its quality will be significantly improved at the crossroads of Eastern and Western medicine. Cooperation between different aspects of science and marketing must be carried out in order to transfer the acquired knowledge to the public and encourage the use, cultivation and further studies of mushrooms.

Марина Соковић

Биографија: Рођена у Врању, Србија, 1970. год. Диплoмирала на биолошком факултету, Универзитет у Београду (1995), мaгистрирала (1998), дoктoрирала (2001). Радна активност: нaучни сaвeтник Институтa зa биoлoшкa истaрживaњa „Синишa Стaнкoвић“, рукoвoдилaц тимa микoлoшкe лaбoрaтoриje Oдeљeњa зa биљну физиoлoгиjу. Предаје нa Биoлoшкoм фaкултeту Унивeрзитeтa у Бeoгрaду, „Антифунгална активност секундарних метаболита биљака“. Научна активност: биoлoшка aктивнoст прирoдних прoизвoдa, aнтимикрoбнo дejствo, истрaживањa пaтoгeних гљивa. Библиографија: Објавила 300 рaдoва у мeђунaрoдним чaсoписимa, 140 саопштења, 7700 цитата (х индeкс 40). На листи најцитиранијих научника (2%). Педагошки рад: руководила израдом 3 мaгистaрска рaдa, 7 дoктoрских дисeртaциjа. Додатно: После докторске студије завршила је на Plant Research International, Wageningen University, Холандија, стипендија холандске Владе Од 2018. год. рукводилац српског тима, ЕУ пројекта, Horizon 2020, No. 760891. Гoстујући урeдник у мeђунaрoдним чaсoписaма, рeцeнзeнт у 30. Била је члан Савета Универзитета у Београду. Од 2019. обавља функцију помоћника министра за науку у Министартсву просвете, науке и технолошког развоја РС.

Marina Soković

CV: Born in Vranje, Serbia, 1970. Graduated at Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade (1995), Master in Sciences (1998), PhD degree in Biology (2001). Work activity: Scientific advisor at Institute of biological research “Sinisa Stanković“, head of the research group in laboratory of Mycology. Lecturer at Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Serbia (Biological activity of natural products). Research work: phytochemistry, biological activity of secondary metabolites, mycology, food safety, pathogenic fungi. Bibliography: published 300 in international SCI journals, cited 7700 times, several chapters in books, participated in 140 conferences, h index 40. She is a highly cited scientist (top 2%) and among 10 the most cited Pedagogical work: Mentor of 3 scientific masters and 7 doctoral theses. Additional: postdoc research at the Plant Research International, Wageningen University (The Netherlands) as a Scholar of the Netherlands Government (2002-2003). Leader of few international Projects, including Horizon 2020-No. 760891. She has been the Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Guest Editor, reviewer in 30 journals. a member of the Council Body of the University of Belgrade (2011-2019). Assistant Minister for Science from 2019. at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia.

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