International Scientific Committee

The Program and Organizing committee and Advisory committee constitute International Scientific Committee of CEFood 2022 and are entitled for activities as specified in committee’s tasks.


The mission of the Program and Organizing committee

The Program and Organizing committee (POC) is composed of individuals and legal entities who understand and practice their responsibility for constituting program the organization and conducting the congress as follows:

  • Each member of the POC participate voluntarily and to the best of its’ own ability to achieve good team spirit and organize high-quality event
  • Each member of the POC will opening her/his unique capabilities for common mission adding to the mission comparable effort with all members of the team;
  • Each member of the POC is responsible for the representation and promotion of the congress mission in its’ own professional environment;
  • The POC is responsible for all organizing aspects of the CEFood2022, such as: financial management, logistics, scientific program, abstract management, sponsorship and exhibitor management, communications, marketing and onsite management at the conference;
  • The POC is responsible for developing a well-balanced, high-quality scientific program together with Advisory Committee to be presented at the conference. The conference is a unique opportunity for the members of the POC to showcase their institution’s expertise and the developments in food science and technology in their region.
  • Each member of the POC participate take care about planning and realizing task in concordance with the team at regular meetings, If this will not be possible then she/he will inform POC in advance on common platform for communication


The mission of the Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is composed of the representatives of 17 CEI countries as follows: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Members of the Advisory Committee understand and practice their responsibility for the organization and conducting the congress along the following lines by: 

  • Representing the CEFood 2022 mission within their countries in the field of food science, technology and nutrition, at all relevant organizations and other activities to enhance congress’ visibility and attractiveness among food and nutrition professionals within all their relevant circles.
  • Suggesting / selecting prominent speakers and distinguished researchers from the food domain  from their countries to the Scientific and Organizing Committee at the very early stage of CEFood 2022 preparation. 
  • Promoting the congress mission at an early stage by encouraging professionals from the food domain to bring their work to the attention of the Scientific and Organizing Committee by sending abstracts from which presentations will be selected.
  • Spreading information about the CEFood 2022 in their respective countries to all relevant institutions, groups and companies to join the CEFood 2022 at different levels of program preparation and realization.
  • Building the spirit of importance of food for humankind with high respect for ethical and moral norms within the food supply chain, but also in research, development and education networks.
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