CEFood congress history

Congress Year Place, Country Principal organizer
1st CEFood 2002 Ljubljana, SI Peter Raspor
2nd CEFood 2004 Budapest, HU Bánáti Diána
3rd CEFood 2006 Sofia, BG Kostadin Fikiin
4th CEFood 2008 Cavtat, HR Damir Karlović, Kata Galić
5th CEFood 2010 Bratislava, SK Peter Šimko
6th CEFood 2012 Novi Sad, RS Viktor Nedović
7th CEFood 2014 Ohrid, MK Vladimir Kakurinov
8th CEFood 2016 Kiev, UA Iaroslav Zasiadko
9th CEFood 2018 Sibiu, RO Ovidiu Tița
10th CEFood 2020 Sarajevo, BA Zlatan Sarić
11th CEFood 2022 Čatež ob Savi, SI Peter Raspor


Throughout the centuries Central Europe has always been a very influential melting pot of ideas for transnational and regional cooperation. At the end of the last and at the beginning of this century there was a great spirit of cooperation in Middle Europe as evidenced first  by The Alps-Adriatic Working Community and later by the Danube initiatives – these two initiatives having a wide variety of cross-border motives for cooperation, not just political clustering. Obviously various platforms had claimed a necessity for cooperation. However, the Central European initiative (CEI) which was established in 1989 in Budapest remains the one which offers a good frame for scientific research and educational cooperation in the area of Food.

Expansion of the European Union to Middle Europe later stimulated new visionary cooperation, not just in the NorthSouth orientation, but also in the WestEast orientation. This was the milestone for the 2002 erection of the Central European Congress on Food and Nutrition (CEFood congress) in Ljubljana. 

The scientific and professional framework of the 1st CEFood congress in 2002 offered a solid basis and a guarantee for the CEFood congresses to continue into future events. Since 2002 CEFood congresses have been organized biannually in different CEI countries, the 11th after 20 years organized in Slovenia. 

In 2006 the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) showed definite desire to enter this network, due to good and efficient organization, based on the devotion of the CEFood congresses’ principal organizers and their teams. 

Most notably, respect and gratitude to all past organizers are passed from congress to congress by making each past principal organizer a member of the Honorary committee of the CEFood 2022.