Session 5: Can we improve food properties and prevent food fraud at the same time? (Dedicated to Marta Blinc)

28/09/202214:10 - 15:50HALL - B

Chaired by Yaroslav Blume & Mojca Jevšnik

14:10 ‐ 14:30 KN5 ‐ Jaroslav Havlík (CZE): Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a versatile and robust tool for food fraud detection
14:35 ‐ 14:50 OP13 ‐ Andreja Ramšak (SVN): Using omics approaches in seafood traceability: a case study from Slovenia
14:55 ‐ 15:10 OP14 ‐ Tomislav Mikuš (CRO): Influence of the addition of white button mushroom supplement in the diet on the sensory and technological properties of lamb meat
15:15 ‐ 15:30 OP15 ‐ Sandra Balbino (CRO): Optimization of almond based dairy‐free milk alternative formulation fortified with myrtle, laurel, and fennel extracts
15:35 ‐ 15:50 Final session discussion