CE-I-FooDayCentral European Inspiration Food Day provides an opportunity for a younger professional from each CEI country to write a position paper, which will be published in a special publication, and orally presented at CE-I-FooDay on a specific day during the CEFood 2022 Congress where she/he will be introduced by Member of Advisory committee from her/his country.

Considering the current world and food situation, we think it is important to present new concepts and views of individual scientists / professionals / teachers in the field of food, technology and nutrition as we advocate for healthy people in a healthy environment in the future society from the perspective of the food domain.



30/09/202208:30 - 08:40GRAND HALL

Session 1

30/09/202208:40 ‐ 09:35GRAND HALL

Session 2

30/09/202210:00 - 11:15GRAND HALL

Session 3

30/09/202211:30 - 12:45GRAND HALL